Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh My Aching Back!

Sunday morning, after choir stood on the risers for 40 minutes BEFORE first service, then 45 minutes during first service, my back completely seized up and I was wobbling back to my pew seat like a 98 year old man.

Ok, so why should anyone care? My friend Dan has the worst back problem of anyone in history and he suffers daily and this is a guy who is not overweight, in bad physical condition or anything like that, he has just been "blessed" with a bad back, and I get a little tiny glimpse of his pain when something like Sunday happens.

How many of you reading this suffer from the same? I workout pretty darn hard core, 5 days a week and sometimes 6, so I am in the best physical shape of my life, so it isn't that, I just can't stand in one place for more than about 15 minutes max.

I am thinking I can't do the choir thing anymore.

Now, if you are a regular to this blog and or my church Salem Evangelical, the question is: if I were to leave choir, would it be right for me to come back and sing the solo on the two songs I sing with the choir two or three times a year, specifically "Saved the Day" and "We Are United"? Or, should another choir member take that over if I leave? I am not asking because I feel I "own" them, I just wondered if there should be a policy of "you must be in choir to sing these songs".

Lastly, the only relief I got was from my MARQUIS SPA!!! Seriously, at 104 degrees, and the jets all turned on to my little corner, it did some recovery work on my back.
The one pictured below is our model, the Mirage plus the next photo is our waterfall feature.


Jen said...

...sorry about your back, I understand chronic pain and it's horrible. Back pain is especially debilitating. I suffer with it, but more on the upper back/shoulder/neck area. My mom has severe scoliosis, so I've watched her suffer for years, it's miserable.

I think taking a break from choir is an idea, but what if you sat through the morning rehearsal? Would that help? Also, I think you should still do your solos, Tony Rose always came back to sing his solos...should be the same for you. But, since when do you do "We are United?" I thought Lenker did that one, but maybe things have changed, I have been gone for almost 3 years...

Peace Bill, take care of the back. Walking really helps. Jen

mick b; music guy said...

The back pain is probably occurring from something that you habitually do in the area that you frequent the most. A chair at the station? The way you move in the chair during broadcast or recording your Geppetto's commercials? I bought a medium-sized exercise ball as a chair. It forces one to be mobile while in the seated position and keeps my spine flexible and moving. It works well for me. My old one split after four years and I had to sit on a speaker for a couple of days. It was murder! As far as the solos-thing goes, I'm not going to "mother hen" you. I think if you leave (not just bow out for a season) choir, you relinquish your solos. I think Karen's been pretty consistent with that.

Tammy Bowers said...

Hi Bill,
I saw you leave the stage early on Sunday, so I knew something happened in your back. Standing in one spot for too long is murder on Dan's back too, so I totally understand. I like Jen's idea about sitting during rehearsal. You could probably get a tall stool for the back for you if you want to sit up there. You love to sing and enjoy the stage so much, that I hate for you to give it up without a fight. Try a few things first. Wear your TENS unit during the services, maybe borrow Dan's back brace for Sundays, see if that helps and then get you one, etc. Try lots of things before you drop choir. My sympathy is definitely with you!
PS About your solo's, I think it's about coordinating the practice with the choir, and if you aren't in choir, it makes it tough. Karen already juggles so many things, to add more details for simple practices is a lot to ask. So, I agree with Mick. Lots of solo's have been reassigned as needed, I think it just has to be that way.

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Jen, thanks for the sympathy, it does get old sometimes.

Mick: I work out 6 days a week, specifically geared towards my back, I have gained 12 pounds of muscle since november, then have lost that as I trimmed it down with cardio.
I am in the best shape of my life, so that is not the problem. Also, I stand most of the morning here.
My doctor attributes it all again to extremely tight hamstrings, of which my workout coach works with me on. The hammy's pull the lower back if not properly stretched.
Standing in one place for long periods means the hammy's tighten up, then the back goes.
Now as for the solo thing, I know that has been the policy, and I am not trying to hound this thing, but there are many many very good singers in our church and due to serving elsewhere, they are never heard. That has always been a bugaboo for me.
I always believe all the Glory goes to God for the songs sung, but God uses talent He has given to people, and if not given the chance, we will never know about that God Given talent.
Just my two cents.