Monday, April 14, 2008

Doing my Celebrity thing!!

In my VERY difficult radio job I am sometimes required to hang out with celebrities.
Saturday night I was hosting a concert by the Chad Mitchell Trio. Now MOST of my readers will not recognize that group, but if you are over 60 and a folk music fan than you might remember them. I remember a few of their songs and tv appearances when I was a youngster but they really never made it big.
They broke up in 1965, their last appearance in the Salem was in 1964. In 2005 the got back together and do about 12 shows a year, this week one of them was at the Historic Elsinore Theatre.
Tom Paxton opened with some left wing political songs and some nice folk songs. Then the trio came on after a short video of them on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1960. The guys are all nearly 70 but they really sounded great! I enjoyed them tremendously and after the show they were very gracious and thankful for me and my radio station promoting the show.
The picture above is me with Joe Frazier of the Trio and we had a nice chat along with Mike Kobluk and Chad Mitchell.
So, now I have to suffer a bit more, my new Marquis Spa comes on Friday and I am forced to take it for the price of promoting it on the radio.
Ho hum, life is sooooo hard.

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