Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time Is Really Flying!

Today, at our church, Salem Evangelical, we celebrated what God has done in our church by our gifts to him to build a new Children's Center. This undertaking is huge and will only happen if it is God's will. How much did we collect today? Don't know. Did we collect enough? Don't know.

The thing is, as I took part in the services, many thoughts went through my mind. Mostly memories.

I am one who lives in the past much of my time. Not proud of it, but I tend to do that. Partly due to my love of history and partly because I hate change!

I thought about how many great things God had done for me in our old sanctuary (IT IS NOT THE EAST SANCTUARY JIM, IT'S THE OLD SANCTUARY).

I watched Kai bond with his buddies in plays, musicals, baptisms, etc.

I remember Colleen and I running to the altar once many years ago to repent of our lifestyles and return to God.

I remember children recieving Christ there, adults returning to God, families restored, baptisms, great evenings of fellowship, the beginning of the prayer service and so much more.

Now we have the NEW sanctuary and are building a future for our children and grandchildren.

I wanted to share a few pictures I found on my computer of the times that were special to me and by doing that, realizing how many NEW special times will come in the new building. It is so exciting to be on the ground floor and see what God will do.

This was a great night, Colleen and Kai were baptized on the same night by Randy!

That was a night that only happened once, both of our parents were together. My mom and dad on the right, Colleen's on the left. Her dad Sonny is waiting in Heaven for us now!

Those little boys are all big ol' high school kids now! Acorns to Oaks!

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Tammy Bowers said...

I remember those little boys in kids choir. I miss those cute LITTLE kids.