Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama and His Preacher

He prayed with him before deciding to run for the Presidency.
He has attended the church and sought spiritual advice from him for over 20 years.
He still seeks his advice.

Barack Obama and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ (not to be confused with or affiliated with THE Church of Christ denomination) is who I am writing about today.

I have attached a recent sermon from the REVEREND. I want you to pay close attention to not only what he says but watch the people in the audience.
Is this what church is supposed to be like?
I thought we came to church to praise God, worship Him, bless Him, learn about Him, pray to Him, seek Him, glorify Him, sing to Him etc etc. Can you imagine going to church and hearing this type of preaching? Feel like worshiping God after that?
Evidently, Barack Obama goes to church for other reasons.

You also have to ask Barack, "when you heard some of this stuff, especially while running for president, why didn't you RUN from this church?"
I shudder to think of this man as "spiritual" advisor to our next possible president.

Now, I don't want to hear arguments about how "black culture" is different from ours. MY God is the same for everyone. MY God never instructed us in HIS Word to speak in such a way about others.
I could go on and on but don't need to, the video speaks for itself.

There are many more of his sermons on YouTube, but most have such foul language (yes, in church) that I can't put them on here. Also if you google him you will find these sermons in print.
Heck, if you are in the ministry or considering preaching, you can even download "advice on preaching" from him!

God forgive this agent of Satan. God help those being led astray by this False Prophet. God please help our Nation to fall on our knees and beg for forgiveness for our evil ways.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Bill--

I agree with all you have said. We must not be intimidated by those who would accept such filth as appropriate words for a sermon. This is disgusting.

It is frightening to consider that Barack Hussein Obama calls Jeremiah Wright his spiritual mentor.

I'm grieved for our country, and it's downward spiral. Only by the grace and help of God will we be able to redeem ourselves.

God help us all.

Shirley Buxton

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Thank you Shirley, I was so impressed with your blog and devotional blog, I just had to steal a bit from it and add it to my blog roll, hope you will forgive me.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is shocking to people who have never been to a black church. But, Bill, there is a big difference between the black and white experience in America so there is plenty to argue whether you like it or not. Maybe it's because of all of the false Christians in this country that racism has had a place in our society for so long. Like it or not, Christians are rightfully to blame for going to church one day and then lynching blacks the next.