Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If I Wanted America to Fail vs.How to Destroy America

With the growing popularity of the new video: "If I Wanted America To Fail" by Ryan Houck of FreeMarketAmerica", I thought it would be good to pull up one of the best radio speeches ever given.  "If I Were the Devil (How to Destroy America)" given in the early 1960's by Paul Harvey.  
I think it's amazing to compare and contrast them.  Paul Harvey asserts that America's downfall will be because of the government, but gives credit to the great deceiver, Satan.  
Ryan Houck asserts that government is the problem, just the same, but does not recognize that it is NOT the Government by itself.  Paul Harvey had it right.  We are not being deceived by the government or a single President, we are being deceived by the one who is by his very nature, a liar and the "king of all liars". 
Americans need to return to God.  The Church needs to stop watering down the Bible, get back into the pulpit, stop trying to make the church "all things for all people" and just flat out tell what the Bible commands us to tell: "go out and preach the gospel, and make disciples".  The Great Commission.  
No amount of rallies, tea party gatherings or even voting a certain way will save America.  Only God can save America and Satan would love nothing more than to see the country that God has shown great favor towards, the country that He has blessed and has been able to stand as a light on the hill to the world, fall into oblivion.

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lakristinita said...

Allen Alley is corrupt and since your such good friends with him you are corrupt too. You did nothing to fight the tyranny at the CD5, you just walked out the door. Marylin Shannon, the gal whose seat Allen Alley helped you take,, stayed and fought tyranny,, and you just left, you dont deserve the seat you took, your supporting the corrupt party members. Corruption is one of the reasons people are not participating in the republican party.