Friday, January 16, 2009

What the heck is Rush Limbaugh Smoking now?

First of all, though I work for a Conservative radio station, one that carries the Rush Limbaugh show, I am NOT a Rush Limbaugh fan.
1 - Since he went on the air in 1988 with his talk show (after failing as a deejay) he wound up costing a lot of my very good radio friend's jobs.
2 - He is a fat blowhard.
3 - He is a drug addict that can't admit it.
4 - I tire of his act, sort of like John Madden. Liked him the first 200 times he said the same things, but after 2,000, not so good anymore.

Now I am really, really TICKED at Rush.

On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, evidently he feels that the Presidential Inauguration is worth carrying on his radio show for the entire 3 hours with no commentary and more importantly to we, the affiliate stations, NO COMMERCIALS!
Now, if Rush, with his $48 million contract wants to abstain from playing HIS commercials, that is his own business, but to ask us, the affiliates to not play OUR commercials, from OUR local sponsors is OUTRAGEOUS!
He has gone too far this time.

This date in infamy, January 20th, will not be more than a blip on my calendar, in fact I will probably be wearing all black and fasting with ash and camel dung on my head.
Whatever, I don't think 3 hours of live coverage on a so called "conservative" radio program is legit!
This my valiant friends who believe in TRUE CONSERVATISM is another reason why we lost this election.
You might ask "WHY IS RUSH DOING THIS?"
The answer is very simple: CYA. (If you need that translated, ask someone else)
Rush is making sure that WHEN, not IF, Obama starts attacking talk radio, he can say: "Hey I was a good boy, I played your speech man!"
IF that is his reasoning, then he is a coward and a fraud.
I have emailed both Rush and his producers letting them know my feelings as well as those of our listeners, who, are loyal Rush fans.
Blast away now!


mick b said...

I think it's hilarious whenever you find a photo of President-elect Obama w/ a cigarette in his mouth. I'm sure that's not the PR he's looking for. Give him a glass of scotch and call him 'Tater Salad!

Bill's Waste of Air said...

I love searching for funny pics of him.
He is as much or more of a goof as GWB ever was.
I love the audio cut Hannity played today of the black woman claiming:
"with barack I won't have to buy my gas, or make my house payments, he's savin me!"
What morons. Typical Obama supporter.
And if I watch Katie Couric wet herself one more time, I will puke.
Doris Kearns Goodwin, whom I USED to respect as one of America's finest historians, called tomorrow, "a sacred event".
Hmm, never any other inauguration, just this one.
Stupid, stupid people.

writenow said...

Hi, Bill.

I'm not fond of Rush either--got tired of him years ago. My favorite talk show host is Dennis Prager, but I can't get him here in Lake Havasu--do when I'm in Crestline, though.

I know nothing about the workings of radio stations, so this is probably an ignorant question, but how can Rush Limbaugh dictate the spacing of advertisements on your own station?

CYA is an unknown phrase to me...but I'm afraid to ask anybody what it means. :)

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Hi Writenow!
No, Rush doesn't dictate OUR spots but, when you are automated from the satellite feed, his network fires relays that in turn fire our local breaks.
When he did not play his spots, ours could not fire automatically, so I had to sit and manually fire them, and fire them I did!
As for CYA: cover your......behind. Old term.

The Blunt Matt said...

Never have been and never will be a Rush fan, and I really don't think Obama is nearly the goof GWB was. At least not yet. Give him time and he'll do his fair share I'm sure. And what of the typical McCain supporter? Joe the Plumber? Dumber than my shoes and has a voice, too. It's the one thing that really bothers me about all this freedom...