Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oregon Lottery Revenue Down, Ohhhh how sad...

According to the local fishwrap today, the Oregon Lottery, especially the Video Poker is way way down and it is attributed to two things: the snowy weather and the smoking ban.
My heart is breaking.
You know, when we first voted this lottery thing in back in the early 80's, I was one of the very few against it by the way, they promised that it would be money EXCLUSIVELY for schools and roads and would be in addition to normal budget money for the state.
NOW, it is over 50% of the Oregon Budget!
Can you imagine if it went away tomorrow? We would collapse as a state.
How do we as a state become COMPLETELY dependent on gamblers?
The "IDIOT TAX" as I call it, is purely voluntary that is true, but, to be so dependent on it?
And the commissioner is quoted today as saying, in relation to the down revenue: "It's been tough for everybody". UNBELIEVABLE!
Let's see commish: folks losing their jobs, folks losing their houses, folks losing their businesses and you have the nerve to say "it's been tough" for degenerate gamblers?

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Anonymous said...

The Oregon budget is about $16 billion. The Lottery generates about $1 billion, or 7%.


Corporate tax only generates 5%.

I think we can see who the real idiots are.