Friday, November 2, 2007

The Last Go Around

Tonight is the last football game of the season for Salem Academy and our boys, Kai, Skyler and Ryan.
Though two of them are freshman, Kai and Ryan, and Skyler a sophomore, they have been told not to expect much playing time as it is Seniors night.
I understand that, but of course as daddy don't like it.
Skyler will be the starting Running Back though, is the word out of practice. We have several key injuries to seniors so perhaps Kai and Ryan will be playing after all. We are playing Kennedy who are needing a win tonight for a possible 3 way tie for first place in the league, so knocking them out would be great!
So, if you haven't been to a game tonight is a good night, it is supposed to be clear and cool but a nice night for football. Besides, the public address announcer is worth the admission alone!
I am so proud of you my dear son Kai!!! Dad loves you tons and you are the MAN!

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Dawn said...

Hey Kai,
Do you want your Auntie Dawn to come down to Salem wearing my old football Crusader Cheerleading outfit and cheer you on since you guys have no cheerleaders!!! Yea Kai!!! Go! Go! Go! Go Big Green!! I think I still can remember some cool moves!!! Hey, just what your friends want to see, some old PREGNANT lady in a cheerleading outfit!! Woo Hoo!!! Might spice up the night if my nephew doesn't get some play time!!

Love you!!