Monday, November 19, 2007

Does God Still Talk To Man?

Once again a wonderful discussion in Sunday School leads me to ask the reader this question.
We are studying I Samuel and were discussing the part in chapter 9 when God literally tapped Samuel on the shoulder and said "that's the guy" speaking about Saul as His choice for Israel's king.
We discussed the topic of God speaking directly to Samuel.
My stance is that Samuel was so close in his walk with God that he LITERALLY spoke with God and God spoke with him. How was this possible and can I do this today?
1 - Relationship
2 - Obedience

I believe that these are the two keys to knowing God in such an intimate way. I am only just now, after many years of not working very hard on this, trying to know God deeper and more intimately.
God never changes, we know that, but we sure do.
Why wouldn't God literally speak to man now as He did then? I believe He does and we don't always hear Him because we might be lacking in those two things above.

God help me to build a better relationship with you by reading Your Word and listening to your voice and help me to be obedient when I do hear Your voice and read Your Word.

Wow, talk about letting you in on my thoughts! What say you?


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ValJean said...

I think Tammy is right, that time is a huge contributer to being able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. The very beginning, I think, is paying attention on one's concience and acting in obedience. For me it started with a revelation that indecision was a time waster, and I started praying about things, listening, making a decision and moving on. Then there is the time thing again. The more you listen, act in obedience, recognize God's hand as things work out, the more you can discern the difference between the voice of the Spirit and one's own thoughts.