Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to ruin a political campaign in one easy move!

One thing I have always promised my listeners, I will interview and bring to them as many candidates in Oregon as I possibly can this campaign season. With each of those candidates, whether I like them or not, agree with them or not I WILL treat each of them with the respect they deserve. I will never blast them with questions, but rather will ask them in the sneaky, polite way that I am so good at, and get the answer I am looking for to help you.

I say all of this to bring to your attention, once again, it is MONEY that drives these things for many.
Lars Larson has been cozying up very nicely with the Chris Dudley campaign lately. So much so that in their last "interview" Lars actually helped Dudley answer a listener question on Abortion. I read the transcript, it was sick!
NOW the truth can be told. The owner of Lar's radio station, Larry Wilson of KXL donated $50,000 to the Dudley campaign. Gee, ya think that had anything to do with Lars's love affair? May I remind the reader that this is not new for Lars.
In the last governor race, he started the campaign firmly in Jason Atkinson's camp, fully supporting him and really giving Jason a voice in Oregon.
THEN, all of a sudden "Poof", Atkinson's out and Saxton is the golden boy and we lost again!
Folks, I will NEVER do that. NEVER!!
I may remain a small market talker for my entire life but I will be happy and I will sleep at night.
Here are the details from the State of Oregon:


psychobob said...

Bill, what is the chronological sequence on this? Wilson gave the donation on March 4th. If Wilson donated before Lars began his "cozying" then I might agree with your argument. But if it was after then perhaps Wilson gave Dudley the money because Lars' interview convinced him to back Dudley. Or maybe it was just to keep Mr. Insecure happy. ;-P

Bill's Waste of Air said...

One could easily say it was a "personal" donation as it is listed as an "individual" and the check was turned in on 3/4/10 and it looks like cashed on 4/9/10. Still, it is the owner of a news/talk station. That doesn't seem a teensy bit improper?

OregonGuy said...

If Chris were to get rid of Dan and Lori, it would be a lot easier to get behind his campaign.

But, I'm afraid Chris has stars in his eyes. He has been sold a dream, hitched his sled to this duo.

Too bad.