Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Democrats in Oregon Are Drunk With Power!!

With their 60% margin of leadership in both the House and Senate, the Democrats are following their leader, Governor Ted, and doing WHATEVER he wants! Wow, no wonder John Kitzhaber wants to run again!
Here is an example of the sheer arrogance of the Democrats in Oregon:
Today the Senate heard testimony for and against closing the School for the Blind.
48 people testified against the closing, 4 testified for the closing.
The vote went along party lines (2 exceptions, one Republican, Jackie Winters vote for and one Democrat, Vickie Walker, voted against) and now the bill is on the Gov's desk for signing and a 146 year old institution is about to be closed?
Wonder why?
Susan Castillo, our Democratic Schools Superintendent, had a plan all along. She let the place go to pieces and fall apart in disrepair despite repeated pleas for help.
The property is worth approximately $9.4 million.
Well ain't that special!
Here is a perfect example of how Democrats who are DRUNK with power work. It doesn't matter that 48 people testified against, nor that the vast majority of Oregonians, especially the Blind, are against it, they pass it anyway.
Let the people speak! C'mon Dave Hunt and Peter Courtney, what are you afraid of?


Anonymous said...

Where is Peter Courtney? I can answer that. He recused himself from the vote because he had a conflict of interest. He is having lunch with the developers who are going to swoop in and build a teaching hospital after securing the land at bargain basement prices.
The closure of Oregon School for the Blind has always been about the land. Research the Center for Innovative School Facilities, and the Innovation Partnership. They love to close schools and give away land.

Anonymous said...

I believe the people have spoken. They voted for Democrats because the Republicans got their turn to be crooks and ruin the system for plenty of years. Now we'll let the Democrats do just as bad of a job....

It's funny that it's ALWAYS the Democrats' fault. Promoting fear and questionable sources is what all idiot conservative radio hosts are good at...

Don't offer a solution, just blame the Democrats...

Bill's Waste of Air said...

Dear mr. anon: I HAVE given all kinds of solutions. You need to listen to my show.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative. All the 'politicians' are the same, especially at the national level.

The ruling 'elites' have created this phony two-party system to give their sheep (U.S. citizens) the illusion of choice, like they have a say in what agenda gets driven through.

We are all bickering over which 'party' is better (just like sports teams), meanwhile, while we all are pre-occupied with that, the world banking families (rothschild, rockefeller, etc) and the New World Order are taking over, driving the U.S. dollar into complete colapse, ushering in a North American Union (Canada, U.S., Mexico), creating a tyrannical police state, voiding the U.S. Constitution, and poisoning the citizens via the food and water supply by adding toxic chemicals to processed foods and city water supplies (such as flouride and aspartame).

WAKE UP PEOPLE!...or you all will soon be extinct!

Anonymous said...

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