Monday, June 23, 2008

Washington D.C. Part One: The Capitol

One of the best days we had in DC was our last day, which included a wonderful tour of the US Capitol. The tour was conducted by Senator Carl Levin's assistant, Nick Standiford. I have linked his blog on my blogroll by the way.

First of all a bit about Nick:
He is a Michigan grad and football fan. He was not too thrilled with the fact that MY Oregon Ducks rolled the Wolverines IN THE BIG HOUSE BABY!

He is also a liberal. BUT, he is a GREAT Liberal! Hey I have many Democrat friends and admire them greatly, and I now add Nick and his Boss to that list. Wonderful people who I had the pleasure of being with for a few hours.

Nick showed us EVERYTHING he possibly could in the 2-3 hours we had before flying out. What a beautiful building. I have put a few pictures into this post to give you a bit of a feel for what we saw, but pictures just don't do it justice.

Nick, thank you again, and please thank Sen. Levin and dear, sweet Jackie for their time and the tour.

PS: some day, Nick, you will have to hear about my dad and our tour :)

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Tammy Bowers said...

Finally, thank you!!!!!!!!! I saw the capitol from the outside only, never went in. Very nice.